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In-Mold Decoration system | Double-Sides In-Mold Decoration system | Wire Wrapping Machine | Foil Feeder | Gate Cutter for Injection-molded Plastic | Automatic Molding System for Filter Elements
In-Mold Decoration system
In-Mold Decoration system

This is an innovative system with plastic injection printing, which provides higher-accuracy print positioning in an in-mold printing process. Additional space for setting up the printing tool is not required because printing can be done at the same time as injection molding in one system. This system accurately positions the printing film inside the mold.

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  1. Equipped with CCD cameras (patent granted)
    Higher-accuracy positioning is achieved by adjusting the position while using a CCD camera to directly measure the registration marks on the film inside the mold. You can see detailed information on its properties that basically separates it from a conventional type.
  2. Touch-screen operation
    Since users can continually view the registration marks on the film inside the mold by the touch-screen monitor, the initial positioning can be easily performed. The position data is also confirmed in the digital display each time after positioning.
  3. Select from a variety of feed modes
    In addition to the CCD camera method, a variety of modes, including photosensor method and counter method, are provided as standard. Users can switch between modes at the touch of a button according to the mold and film types.
    Photosensor methodCan be used for molds other than special molds for using the CCD camera
    Counter methodCan be used for single-color printing such as vacuum metallized film.

What is"In-Mold System"?

Samples of molded products: Mobile phone parts
Samples of molded products: Automobile parts

An In-Mold system is a revolutionary system that enables surface printing of plastic molded products to be completed simultaneously with injection molding of the product. By using this system, printing processes after molding can be eliminated, and this provides users big advantages such as man-hour efficiency and cost reduction. The system also enables three-dimensional molded products high-accurately printing, which has been difficult work in a conventional method. And this can also boost process yield.
This system consists of a printing film for transfer, a film feeder, a special mold, and an injection molding machine. The installation of In-Mold system is easy, just by placing the film feeder and special mold on the molding machine. First the printing film is set to be positioned in accordance with the mold. Then the system automatically performs the cyclical operation of film feeding, molding, simultaneous printing, and take-out of molded products.

In-Mold Process

Film Setting

When the mold is open, the film feeder feeds the transfer printing film into the mold and positions it.


After the mold closes, the molding machine carries out the injection process. Then molding heat and pressure of the melted resin make design pattern of the film transferred and printed on the resin surface.

Take Out

While the mold is open and the molded product is taken out, the feeder feeds the next design into the mold.

Flow of the system introduction

Components of the system

Transfer foil
Transfer foil is made in gravure-printing or screen-printing.
Screen-printing is adopted in the case of a little production.
Our company can supply high performance foil such as aluminum, tin, silver, copper metal evaporated foil or hard coated foil.

Foil feeder
This device is installed in injection molding machine, and feeds the foil and positions highly precise inside the mold.
Automatic operation is made by a signal from molding machine.
Optimal model can be chosen depending on foil width and purpose.
The CCD camera type that is a patent product of our company can guarantee the best accuracy of position.
Foil feeder for both sides in-mold printing is prepared.

The optimal mold that matched the article is necessary for each in-mold print.
Our original know how is included in the mold which is most suitable for in-mold print.
We produce the mold, and supply it to customers.

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In-Mold Decoration system | Double-Sides In-Mold Decoration system | Wire Wrapping Machine | Foil Feeder | Gate Cutter for Injection-molded Plastic | Automatic Molding System for Filter Elements