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Development technology of Solana
Development technology of Solana
Know-how to develop mechanical operations in the same way as human movement is the technology of machinery cultivated by Solana Techno.


  • Start-stop operation
  • Rotation and break stop
  • Swinging, wrenching and twisting
  • Pushing, pulling and continued pulling
  • Pinching, clamping and releasing
  • Opening and closing
  • Ascending and descending
  • Lifting up and down
  • Pulling up and down
  • Winding up and off (rewinding)
  • Tight wrapping
  • Packaging and unpacking
  • Loading and unloading

Sensing and perception

  • Watching and searching
  • Measuring (size, speed, distance, time, and position)
  • Judgment and positioning
  • Reporting and displaying

All the above is human movement and aspects of the five senses. Solana Techno is able to design so that the machine performs these movements just as a human does.

Even though we can design them, there are varied ideas depending on individual designing and no general way. However, how we develop the best idea and complete the design is suggested by our customers through many discussions and meetings.
The first thing we do is to make best effort to comprehend what the customers need every time we obtain the order of production development. This is, we believe, how Solana Techno can supply the best way to fulfill the customers' requests.
We think the best way is the comprehensive judgment based on required performance, strength, life, price, ease of treating, and safety.

Solana Techno has been striving to supply genuine satisfaction to customers since its foundation. In tireless challenges, new ideas have been patented and acknowledged as original technology.
We, Solana Techno, will be aiming to improve technology in cooperation with our customers and producing inimitable machines, so that we can contribute to the society.

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