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Company Information
Company Principles

Since we launched our business, we have been pursuing the development of entirely custom-made products and building customer satisfaction and confidence of which we are very proud .
We will continue to strongly advance technology and to manufacture inimitable products together with our customers, thus contributing to the development of society.

Quality Management

We established the quality management policy below and follow it accordingly.

  • Aim to maintain a consistent quality control and continuously improve the level of quality.
  • Offer products that satisfy our customers' needs and expectations, so that our company may be highly valued by society.
Company Profile
Name of Company Solana Techno Corporation
Location 10-119 Nishiekimae-cho Ibaraki-c, Osaka,JAPAN
President and CEO Tsuyoshi Kusanagi
Category of Business Development, manufacturing and sales of Industrial machines
Business Content
Production and distribution Wire Wrapping Machine for the main cables of Giant Suspension Bridges
Plastic In-Mold Decoration system
Other industrial machines
Designing Machines for fabricating the steel sheet and steel wires
Cold Roll Mill Line, Flying Shear Line
Rewinding Machine for Galvanized Wire
Machines for transferring the food
Conveyer line, Palletizer, Depalletizer
Maintenance vehicles for the suspension bridge cables
Foundation The business starts at Nishi-ku, Osaka in April, 1981
Establishment The private limited company, Solano Techno Corporation is established in July,1990.
Capitalization 10 million yen
Number of Employees 7
Main Banks Kujo Branch of Hyakujushi Bank